Intelligentsia sign EU grant agreement to develop low energy ovens



Intelligentsia are proud to announce that they have recently signed the grant agreement for an EU funded project to develop low energy ovens.


The two-year LEO project will create innovative ovens targeted at SME bakeries based on infrared technology patented by the Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire, Agroalimentaire et de l’Alimentation (ONIRIS).


Intelligentsia are the LEO project coordinator and helped write ONIRIS’s €1.4m LEO proposal to the EU’s FP7 Knowledge Based Bio-Economy (KBBE) programme.


The LEO proposal proved persuasive as earlier research by ONIRIS indicated that their infrared technology could make significant savings during the pre-heating step compared to standard baking ovens (20-40% less specific energy and 70% reduction in time).


Consequently, the ovens have excellent potential for commercial exploitation by SME bakeries.


The LEO project will be implemented by a consortium of nine partners from across the EU. During the project, prototype conveyor and batch baking ovens will be produced and tested in-situ in French and German bakeries. Also, an assessment of the ovens’ environmental, social and economic life-cycle impact will be conducted.

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