NANOMAT-EPC: Developing advanced nanomaterial based technologies for clean energy, healthcare and environmental applications



The NANOMAT-EPC project, an exciting European funded project developing new nanomaterial based technologies for clean energy, healthcare and environmental applications, has been officially launched in Kyiv (Ukraine) last week.

 NANOMAT-EPC project partners in Kyiv (Ukraine)

The project will last for two years. The management team is represented by a consortium of nine partners from across Europe and the former Soviet Union. As a part of NANOMAT-EPC, four bilateral projects investigating new nanomaterial based technologies will be carried out:


  • Development of high conductivity zirconia anodes for solid oxide fuel cells involving University of Birmingham and Frantsevich Institute of Problems of Material Science
  • Development of hybrid carbon nanotube electrodes for supercapacitors involving Cleancarb and Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics
  • Development of nanoparticles with self-regulating magnetic hyperthermia properties for oncology treatment involving Laser Zentrum Hannover and Institute for Physical Research of NAS of Armenia
  • Development of rare-earth metal based nanosensory devices for environmental monitoring involving Université Paris-Sud and Georgian Technical University


During the project, brokerage and workshop events will be organised in Tbilisi, Minsk and Kyiv to support knowledge and technology transfer in nano- and materials technologies.


Besides writing the successful NANOMAT-EPC proposal, Intelligentsia Consultants are coordinator of the project.


Within 3-5 years, the project partners hope the results of the NANOMAT-EPC bilateral projects will have led to several new commercial products.

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