New H2020 aerospace project landed by Intelligentsia


Intelligentsia recently secured the position of coordinator for the new 1 million Euro Horizon 2020 project AERO-UA, after supporting partners in the preparation of a successful proposal.

This project aims to stimulate aviation research collaboration between the European Union and Ukraine (UA) through strategic and targeted support.

AERO-UA focuses solely on Ukraine due to the country’s huge aerospace potential and comparatively low level of aviation research collaboration with the EU. Ukrainian aerospace organisations possess unique skills and knowledge that can help Europe to address the challenges and goals identified in the ACARE Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, Flightpath 2050 report, the Clean Sky 2 initiative and H2020 Transport.

The AERO-UA project will achieve its overall aim via four high-level objectives:

1. Identifying the barriers to increased EU-UA aviation research collaboration;
2. Providing strategic support to EU-UA aviation research collaboration;
3. Supporting EU-UA aviation research knowledge transfer pilot projects; and
4. Organising awareness-raising and networking between EU-UA stakeholders.

The AERO-UA consortium is comprised of key EU and UA aviation organisations that will collaborate closely to achieve the project’s high-level objectives.

Consortium partners include the Institute for Factory Operation and Automation, Germany; the University of Manchester, England; Technology Partners, Poland, and five organisations from Ukraine (including the Ukrainian Research Institute of Aviation Technology, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the National Aerospace University).

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