NANOMAT-EPC project evaluated excellent in EC's final review

Two years have passed since the beginning of the FP7 NANOMAT-EPC project, and in October 2015, the project has finally been completed. The efforts of the project partners have been rewarded with excellent results in the EC's final review:

"This has been a very successful project that has fully delivered the programme of work and outputs defined in the DoW. It has carefully analysed the situation for materials and nanotechnology research in EPC countries (through a number of workshops and events) and has presented a number of considered recommendations for improvements to the situation. In parallel it has delivered four very successful pilot projects. These have demonstrated how EC and EPC partners can collaborate to deliver high quality results. Further they have achieved scientific excellence and contributed to the state of the art in each of the four themes, as evidenced by the number of publications. Specific scientific achievements include:

  • enhancement of magnetic nanoparticles for non-invasive treatment of cancer
  • development of novel CNT/grapheme electrodes for super capacitors
  • identification of novel materials for environmental sensors
  • an improved understanding of the behaviour of novel solid oxide fuel cell electrolyte materials

It is fully expected that these collaborations will be continued to further develop these technologies if funding is available."

The partners are looking forward to submitting new proposals and maintaining their fruitful collaboration in the future.

The NANOMAT-EPC project has been coordinated by Intelligentsia Consultants, who also prepared the successful proposal.

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