Intelligentsia successfully secures funding for research and training programme dedicated to cancer biology


Intelligentsia recently assisted Luxembourg Institute of Health and the University of Luxembourg in securing approximately 2 million Euro to fund a new doctoral training unit (DTU) research and training programme dedicated to cancer biology. This project is funded under the PRIDE scheme of the Luxembourg national research fund (FNR).

PhD students within the CANBIO programme will be engaged in a collaborative and interdisciplinary endeavour to deliver novel insight into tumour escape mechanisms, disease monitoring and large scale data analysis in highly malignant cancers. Alongside this, aspects of genetic tumour heterogeneity, how tumour cells misuse the immune system and how therapy-induced changes in the tumour microenvironment affect tumour cells and metabolic mechanisms will be studied.

Based on prior work and in collaboration with industrial partners, the CANBIO programme will also allow researchers to investigate the potential of specific agents that may interfere with induced resistance pathways and utilise advanced proteomics and genomics technologies to allow for predictions of treatment responses as well as early detection of the disease.

The collected effort of the consortium composed of academic, clinical and industrial partners, will provide excellence in training as well as advancing the field toward more effective anti-cancer strategies. The students will benefit from extensive cross-institutional and cross-sector training opportunities thereby acquiring essential skill-sets that will be applicable both in academia and industry.  

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