Other Services


Intelligentsia Consultants offer several other services within the scope of our research and innovation support activies.


Grant funding reports

We regularly prepare grant funding survey reports tailored to the research and industrial interests of our clients. These reports cover the following topics:


         - Review available national and European grant funding schemes

         - Review recent national and European research projects

         - Identify potential research partners to collaborate with

         - Provide practical instructions on how to access grant funding


Market research reports

For our private sector clients, we produce market research reports for their products and services. Typically, these reports cover the following issues:


- Market information (e.g. prices and size)
- Market segmentation
- Market trends (e.g. supply and demand)
- Customer analysis
- Competitor analysis
- Marketing mix


Information and communication services

We offer our clients in several languages (e.g. English, French, Hungarian and Russian) a wide range of information and communications services to support their research and innovation activities:


- Website design
- Web publishing
- Internet marketing
- Editorial services
- Production of specialist scientific and technical content

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