European Programmes

Since 2009, Intelligentsia have participated in over 20 European projects spanning a wide range of research topics (e.g. aerospace, agrifood, botany, ICT, nanomaterials and physics). The following are a few examples:



Intelligentsia supported the National Institute of Research and Development for Technical Physics (NIRDTP), Iasi, Romania, to prepare the FP7 proposal “Upgrading the capacity of NIRDTP to develop sensing applications for biomedicine using magnetic nanomaterials and nanostructured materials (NANOSENS)”. The proposal obtained a score of 14/15 and received a €2.5m grant from the European Commission. The funding is being used to purchase new equipment (e.g. scanning Auger nanoprobe), hire new experienced researchers and twin with several specialised research organisations. Over the course of the project, Intelligentsia is supporting NIRDTP with project management, dissemination and technology transfer activities.


Support to RTD and Innovation Initiatives and Strategies in Jordan (SRTD)

Intelligentsia provided training to Jordanian researchers about the FP7 NMP programme (nanosciences, nanotechnologies, materials and new production technologies). The training introduced the latest FP7 NMP call, explained the proposal preparation and evaluation processes and described steps for joining a strong consortium preparing a proposal.



Intelligentsia supported the National Aerospace University of Ukraine (KhAI) to prepare the successful FP7 KhAI-ERA proposal. The proposal obtained a score of 14/15 and a €500k grant from the European Commission. The project is helping to integrate KhAI into the European research area, by twinning with European research and innovation organisations in three aerospace and IT research topics: a) Composite materials, b) Advanced manufacturing for aircraft assembly, and c) Dependable embedded systems. Over the course of the project, Intelligentsia is providing EU programme training and leading the evaluation and strategy development of KhAI.

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