AERO-UA Grand Finale




The start of September marked the grand finale of the AERO-UA project.


Coordinated by Intelligentsia, the AERO-UA project has been focused on stimulating aviation research collaboration between the European Union and Ukraine through strategic and targeted support.


All the AERO-UA consortium partners convened in Athens, Greece, to hold their final consortium meeting, final EC review and final dissemination.


The last consortium meeting provided an opportunity to review the final status of the project’s tasks as well as to identify follow-up actions beyond the project e.g. pursuing Ukraine’s increased involvement in important EU networks such as ACARE, EREA and IFAR.


Meanwhile, the final EC review went well with the project being assessed as having achieved or exceeded most of its objectives and milestones for the period.

AERO-UA consortium partners and EC project officer following the final review


The rationale for convening in Athens was to participate in the 9th EASN international conference on research and innovation in aviation and space. During the conference, the AERO-UA consortium partners were active in making oral presentations to disseminate the results from their collaborative Europe-Ukraine aviation research pilot projects:


  • Multifunctional polymer-based composite materials with weft-knitted carbon fibrous fillers, Mazna O. V., Bezsmertna V. I., Kohanyiy V. A., Vasilenkov Y. M., Bilan I.I., Shevtsova M.A., Stavychenko V. G.
  • Active and passive damage monitoring in composites using embedded piezoelectric sensors, Neha Chandarana, Kanokporn Tangthana-Umrung, Marina Shevtsova, Fedir Gagauz, Krzysztof Dragan, Michal Dziendzikowski, Constantinos Soutis
  • Techniques for PZT transducers integration with composite structures for enhanced structural health monitoring capabilities, Krzysztof Dragan, Neha Chandarana, Michal Dziendzikowski, Marina Shevtsova, Fedir Gagauz
  • Estimation of performance parameters of turbine engine components using experimental data in parametric uncertainty conditions, Radoslaw Przysowa, Olexandr Khustochka, Sergiy Yepifanov, Mykhaylo Ugryumov
  • Determination of serviceability limits of a turboshaft engine, Yaroslav Dvirnyk, Dmytro Pavlenko, Radoslaw Przysowa.
  • An Influence of Shroud Design Parameters on Static Stress State of Blade Assemblies, Kyrylo Savchenko, Anatoliy Zinkovskii, Romuald Rządkowski, Vadym Kruts.
  • Adhesive strength characterisation of titanium-composite joints, A. Zinkovskii, A. Fainleib, V. Kruts, K. Savchenko, M. Shevtsova, N. Chandarana,
  • Characterisation of CFRP-titanium local reinforcement, Fedir Gagauz, Neha Chandarana, Adam Joesbury, Pavlo Shestakov


Also, the conference provided the chance for the four Ukrainian recipients of the final AERO-UA travel grants to make the following oral presentations based on their own aviation research:


  • Aerodynamic moment characteristics of tandem-scheme aircraft, Illia Kryvokhatko, Antonov
  • Simulating of bird strike on aircraft laminated glazing, Natalia Smetankina, A. Pidgorny Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems
  • New criterion for aircraft multiaxial fatigue analysis, Tetiana Maslak,National Aviation University
  • Multifunctional polymer-based composite materials with weft-knitted carbon fibrous fillers, Viktoriia Bezsmertna, Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science



Ukrainian recipients of the final AERO-UA travel grants at

the 9th EASN international conference


Intelligentsia would like to thank the AERO-UA consortium partners and Advisory Board members for their strong support and enthusiasm over the past three years.





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