Twinning project to increase the Russian-Armenian University’s scientific excellence and innovation capacity in nanomaterials for quantum information and quantum optics

20 April 2020

Intelligentsia Consultants are pleased to have supported the Russian-Armenian University (RAU) to win the NanoQIQO project, which will increase RAU’s scientific excellence and innovation capacity in nanomaterials for quantum information and quantum optics. The project has been awarded funding of 900,000 € from the Twinning call of the Horizon 2020 Widening work programme.

Quantum technology is an emerging field with a heavy volume of investments globally – private (Google, IBM, Toshiba) and public (Canada, U.S., and EU with its 1 billion € Quantum Flagship). Among the most evident benefits provided by quantum technology are highly efficient quantum computers decreasing ICT energy consumption and footprint and boosting Artificial Intelligence and Big Data applications for improved economic efficiency, health, safety. At the same time, quantum information science is a rapidly evolving discipline with many research challenges, making the observation of quantum components a very actual task.

RAU is a national leader in nanotechnology, quantum mechanics and solid state physics. The NanoQIQO project will create a research network between RAU and two international leaders in the field of material science, quantum mechanics and quantum optics - University of Hamburg and University of Patras.

The NanoQIQO project will include:

  • short term exchanges of established researchers with regard to nanomaterials for quantum information and quantum optics;
  • trainings for early-stage researchers to improve the career prospects;
  • dissemination and communication campaign to raise RAU’s research profile and enhance the networking with international research community and stakeholders; and
  • development of research management and administration skills in RAU through upgrading of its Department of International Cooperation.

As a result of the project implementation, RAU will boost its scientific and technological capacity, strengthen its reputation and improve competitiveness, contributing together with the partners to the global progress in quantum technologies.

The three-year project will start in January 2021.

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