Technology Transfer

Our consultants have worked on a variety of technology transfer assignments including:  


We wrote and coordinated the FP7 SECURE-R2I project. This project reinforced cooperation between EU and Eastern Partnership Countries (EPC) on tech-transfer for inclusive and secure societies. At the heart of the project was a series of bilateral tech-transfer pilot projects between EU and EPC partners:  

  • Security holograms utilising diffractive optical elements based on chalcogenide glasses and azopolymers
  • Innovative e-voting system for remote monitoring of elections
  • Smart sensory networks for nuclear radiation monitoring
  • Towards secure quantum communication technologies  

Additionally, the project organised summer schools to provide intensive teaching on knowledge/tech-transfer skills. Furthermore, the project analysed and reported on tech-transfer opportunities and bottlenecks of EPC organisations involved in research relevant to inclusive and secure societies. 

TACIS Bistro - Russia

We provided training in technology audit to experts at science and technology institutions in Siberia as well as gave training in business plan writing. Altogether, we conducted technology audits of thirty innovative products and services and supported the preparation of three business plans - haemodialysis solutions for oncology patients, production of field emission displays, and stem cell therapies.  

World Bank - Croatia

We worked on a World Bank funded project supporting technology transfer between the Brodarski Institute (a maritime R&D institute based in Zagreb) and Croatian SMEs. We provided practical training on sales and marketing to engineers and helped generate leads to sell the Institute’s research and technology know-how to Croatian SMEs.

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